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Top 5 Adventure Activities in Cape Town

Top 5 Adventure Activities in Cape Town

If you are adventurous and love to feel your adrenaline pumping, Cape Town is the perfect place for you as it offers a multitude of adventures for the old, young and the brave.

1.       Shark Cage diving

I bet you have all heard of this one and a few of you are probably dying to dive into the deep dark waters and come face to face with a Great White shark. With over 40 different shark species roaming the waters of Cape Town you are highly likely to come into close contact with a predator of the ocean, but if it is the Great White you are hoping to see, then we recommend that you go to Gansbaai, which is known as the Great White shark capital of the world. Most shark cage diving companies charge from around R1100 per session – approximately $100 or €75.

Great White Shark

2.       Paragliding

Cape Towns’ spectacular views make it the perfect destination for paragliding. Don’t worry if you are a little nervous to take the jump by yourself as there are many companies in Cape Town that offer tandem paragliding. Lions Head is the most popular destination to fly off because of its stunning views of Table Mountain, but if that is not what you are after, then have no fear as there are many other flying sites around Cape Town such as Signal Hill or Sir Lowrys Pass. Expect to pay around R950 for Tandem flights - approximately $85 or €65.

 3.       Sky Diving

As you ascend in your helicopter you can peacefully enjoy the breath-taking views of Cape Town and Surrounds. Once you reach 10,000 ft. expect to feel your adrenaline kick in as the helicopter slows its speed and your Tandem instructor asks you if you are ready. Once in the air you will truly get to witness the beauty of Cape Town from above. Expect to pay roughly R1900 for a Tandem flight which is roughly $170 or €130.

4.       Sandboarding

This adventure opportunity is for people of all ages and it is something that everyone can enjoy as you don’t need to be experienced in order to try it. This is South Africa’s version of snowboarding and it is extremely easy to learn, within no time you can be gliding down the dunes of Cape Town. If you are wanting to give it a try head up towards Atlantis Dunes which is up the West Coast of South Africa. Sandboarding is a very affordable adventure activity as you can expect to pay roughly R600 per person including equipment and training. This is roughly $55 or 40.

5.       Kloofing

Also known as Canyoning in other parts of the world, Kloofing is an adventure sport that consists of following a mountain stream along its course by climbing, sliding, jumping, swimming and boulder hoping. This is not for the faint hearted and requires you to be fairly fit in order to take part. You can choose between the easier Crystal Pools, located just outside Cape Town in Gordons Bay, or the harder Suicide Gorge which is an all-day 17km course in the Hottentots Mountains just outside of Cape Town. Kloofing at Crystal Pools will cost you roughly R1000 which includes an instructor, it is roughly $90 or 70. Kloofing at Suicide Gorge will cost you roughly R800 which includes a qualified guide, this is roughly $70 or 55.