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Bread, Milk & Honey

Certainly our pick for the best coffee and lunch spot in Cape Town is Bread, Milk & Honey.   Situated overlooking Church Square at 10 Spin Street (Tel: +27 21 461 8425), it is just minutes away from the Company Gardens, parliament and the museum precinct.   It is also just 30 second walk if you happen to be staying in one of our apartments in Adderley Terraces, Cartwright’s Corner or Mutual Heights.

The café has a relaxed, calm atmosphere for most of the day but be ready to fight a well-heeled parliamentarian for sitting room during lunch time which gets very busy.   The reason it is so busy is because of the wholesome fresh produce with which every dish is prepared, the constantly changing menu, the delectable freshly baked muffins, cookies and cakes and of course the smoothest, richest, creamiest coffee anywhere in Cape Town.

For breakfast you cannot beat the bacon and egg pastries – it’s the sushi version of breakfast, bite size and perfect.   For lunch there are always at least three hot dishes, quiche with the best cheesy pastry ever, and a variety of salads.   Lunch and breakfast are offered buffet style; dish up exactly how much you want based on how hungry you are and have it weighed to get the price.   The buffet menu is updated daily on Twitter (@breadmilkhoney).   There are also a variety of sandwiches that can be ordered from the menu.   The coffee is from Origin Roasters, who label themselves “the artisan roasters of Africa” due to their emphasis on a hands-on mastery of all the aspects of coffee crafting.   The path of each bean can be traced from tree to cup.

The interior is simple and down-to-earth without being bland; most of the day you will be able to choose from a quiet table inside or one of the umbrella-covered ones overlooking the square.   If you happen to be there during lunch hour it is usually only a couple of minutes wait before somebody rushed back to work.   Alternately, everything is offered as a take away and as you are only a minute from the Gardens you could turn it into a little picnic.

The café is a family run business with brother and sister team Michael and Mandy always in the shop ensuring the quality of each dish.  The rest of the team are always friendly and helpful no matter how busy it gets.   Bread, Milk and Honey is only open during the week 06h30 till 16h00.   On Saturday morning you will find them at the Old Biscuit Mill Produce Market.